Sorry for the silence.

Hey Palians, as you may have noticed, we were silent for a while. I want you to know that it isn’t for nothing. I’m testing a new version of the database and will be coming out with major updates soon. This also includes all the new NPCs that we know of. Sorry that I’ve been late on adding these to the site.

Not to make excuses, but I’m currently solo in this and I also have a full time job as well. I’m here for the community of Palia and I hope you understand that at times I might be a bit behind.

This is a shorter update, but I’d like to ask if there are any Palians who’d want to do NPC pages. This would include adding descriptions, images, and the full page. It takes maybe 5 minutes per NPC to do. I just haven’t had the time between working on the database system and working.

I appreciate you all for coming back again and again looking for updates. You don’t go unnoticed. Thanks for being part of this community.


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