Pre-Alpha signup and first invites go out

As Singularity6 gears up for their release of Palia they have sent out two waves of invites. The first wave was exclusively on their Discord and was based on server activity and answers to a form that was released on their discord. The second wave was sent out from the Alpha signup form on their official website.

A few stats about the current Alpha that we know of:

  • Wave 1 had around 200 invites sent out by Discord DM
  • Wave 2 had 1200 invites sent out by email

We will keep you updated on any news that comes about a wave three, but as of now, the greater community seems to think it’s unlikely another wave of pre-alpha invites will go out before the Non-NDA Alpha comes out (this is unconfirmed, but this is the sentiment of the Discord community as of now).

To stay as up to date as possible on all things Palia, you can find some useful links below.


Thanks for reading, we have much more to come soon.

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