Planet Palia is Open!

Hey Palians! Box back again with a website update!

I want to keep a record of all changes made to Planet Palia as we do them, so below you’ll see everything that I’ve changed or added since the moment I put the website up about two weeks ago.

  • Added a database for NPCs. All the information still needs to be added to the NPCs (this includes any backstory as well). We have all Names, Cultures (the type of creature the NPC is), and Ages (I would like to convert this to a number value, but officially there has only been one age that’s a number). We will continue to add and expand this database with relevant information. – NOTE: The look of the database page will change over the next few weeks as I’m not super happy with the current look of it myself.
More changes will come soon. This is just version 1.
  • Added the forums. This surprisingly took longer than I had hoped it would. I went through a few different forum software options for landing on the one I am using. The other options didn’t work well with the current setup of the website, so that’s how I came to pick the one that’s live now.
  • With the forums, I added the ability for users to make their own accounts. This was probably the easiest of the updates that I’ve made over the last two weeks.

I had a small to-do list on my first post here and I’ve covered all of it in the two weeks since the soft-launch. The reason I didn’t end up commissioning a logo is because I decided to make one. I’m open to commissioning a logo and will be talking more about that in a few days a long with a few other things that I need to wrap up before I’m ready to talk about them.

The amount of people who are here at the moment is a small number, but the number of visitors isn’t why I’m taking on this project. Currently, this is an entirely solo project and I really believe in Palia as what we know about it now best suits what I want out of a game. That being community, a relaxing environment, fishing, and farming. I’m super excited for the game and giving back to the great community in this way is what I want to do.

Thanks for reading,

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